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Our Services


Acupuncture assists with removing emotional and energetic blockages by moving energy along the Chinese Medicine meridians

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Energy Healing

Our energy healing services seek to promote total mind and body wellness. Our goal is to balance the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) using restorative therapies.

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Other Techniques

We utilise many other Traditional Chinese and Western techniques. These include; cupping, scraping (Gua Sha), Soft and Bony Tissue manipulations (Tui Na) and Moxibustion.

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Why Choose us

  • Licensed and Experienced Practitioners

    All staff at Eternal Dragon are fully trained, experienced and registered Chinese Medicine doctors.

  • Holistic Services

    We provide our clients with health and wellness solutions that treat you holistically without the use of harmful drugs or invasive techniques.

  • Affordable Treatments

    Our aim is to keep our services affordable while maintaining high standards of service and effective, long-lasting results.

  • Health Rebates

    We are registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners and as such, patients are eligible for health fund rebates. We also use the HICAPS system for claiming on-the-spot.

  • Same Day Appointments

    We offer same day appointments with ease of booking online or by calling our friendly team direct.

  • Long Term Relationships

    We are warm and caring healers with high standards of patient care and strive to achieve effective, long-lasting results.


How Acupuncture Can Assist You

In Australia today, all acupuncturists are registered under the AHPRA’s national registration scheme. This is a great initiative as it ensures that acupuncturists are competent, well-trained and fully insured. This protects the public and we are regularly audited for compliance.

However, this registration and its relevant guidelines also govern what claims can be made about the efficacy of acupuncture. Any claims made of conditions treated must be accompanied by recent and relevant evidence.


Given these guidelines, we can say that acupuncture has assisted with;


  • With fertility – as support to IVF
  • In some forms of pain management
  • To reduce nausea and pain when undergoing chemotherapy
  • Management of stress in certain situations

We also have an interest in working with;

  •  Digestive Issues
  •  Gynaecological issues, including; amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis and PCOS
  •  Respiratory issues such as asthma
  •  Allergies
  •  Auto-Immune conditions
  •  All issues relating to mental wellbeing such as Anxiety and Depression
  •  Chronic pain
  •  Musculoskeletal difficulties

Meet The Team

B. Health Science (Acupuncture)

Dr Mathew Wieland (TCM) is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner that treats a wide range of conditions with a special interest in meditation and energetic healing. His healing philosophy revolves around providing abundant energy (qi) and ensuring the free flow of this energy around the body.


Initial Consultation

75 mins


Standard Consultation

45-60 mins


The Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient technique that has been used in both China and Sri Lanka for thousands of years. There are volumes of classic texts that outline the conditions they treated, and the methods used.

Our Chinese medicine services and energy healing therapies complement each other very well. Chinese medicine typically includes the use of acupuncture, cupping, gua sha and other natural remedies to reduce negative health symptoms.

Energy healing refers to the movement of the body’s vital energy (qi, prana) through both the Chinese Meridians (channels) and traditional chakra systems.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Based on ancient and reputable techniques
  • Treats the root problems, not just the symptoms
  • Offers individualised approaches to health maintenance
  • Fewer harmful side effects than traditional medicine
  • Encourages connection between the mind and the body
  • Is more cost-effective than traditional health plans
  • Provides sustainable, long-term wellness solutions

About Eternal Dragon

An interest in energetic healing and meditation led Mathew to begin the process of becoming a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Already well known for his unique and popular energy healing techniques – the addition of Acupuncture was a natural fit, that produces great results.

In 2018 Mathew opened Eternal Dragon at their current Docklands home. Focusing solely on Acupuncture and Energy Healing, Eternal Dragon provides a warm, nurturing and caring environment. Our goal is to identify the root causes of your health problems and restore you back to good health and enjoyment of life.